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Abdou Benz


حول Abdou Benz:

  I am an experienced Customer Service representative seeking an opportunity at your company. I have a strong track record and am looking forward for bringing my skills and abilities to your team.


  As you will note in reading my resume, I have been trained and educated in the areas of administration, management, and marketing. I have five years of related experience. I am bilingual and at ease with the various software programs listed in my résumé. Lastly, I am available, dynamic, and a team player, and these strong points will enable me to carry out any assigned duties in the most effective manner possible.


  At my previous assignments, I had a reputation for being able to work with everyone. I enjoy figuring out what motivates people, finding common ground and getting things done. I am motivated, I have a great Sens of adaptability, empathy, and clear communication skills which helps me to build productive relationships and achieve solid results.


  I would greatly appreciate your review of my enclosed resume and outlined credentials. I believe that I can be a valuable addition to your company and your business goals. At your convenience, I am available for an interview or further discussion. I look forward to your response.


Yours truly,






 i have in total a more than a five year experience in the customer service area. having an airport check in agent, a receptionist , and a customer service clerk, has given me all the exspertise that a person needs to be an effective employee whan it comes to dealing with a customer.


i have a master degree in English, and i have had an MBA training in business admnistration

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