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Boudiaf SIARI


حول Boudiaf SIARI:

I am an engineer with two years experience


03/01/2018 - 03/05/2018: Intern at Le Groupe des
Companies HASNAOUI Sidi-Bel-Abbès
03/04/2018 - 15/04/2018: Intern in design office
architecture SADJI Amine
04/17/2019 – 12/31/2020: Civil engineer employee at
HYD WATER company.
 Site manager
 Follow-up and Control of the realization of the projects.
 Responsible for metering services.
04/14/2019 - 10/03/2019: Zemmoura lot pumping station
Civil Engineering (Technical Room, Sonalgaz Station, Guardian Lodge,
05/10/2019 - 22/11/2019: Construction of the tank enclosure wall
of Rouachdia.
23/10/2019 – 12/02/2020: Construction of a 100 m3 tank,
connection of the aep network of douar Touaidjia by tank 250
m3 Ouled Yaala commune of Sidi Saada.
02/15/2020 – 07/20/2020: Reinforcement in AEP of the Douars of
Rouachdia, Abbabssa, Esseraoulia, EL Hada.
23/07/2020 – 08/08/2020: Installation of the water pumps of the
Rouachdia station.
08/09/2020 – 10/10/2020: Hai Mouloud Feraoun development
07/10/2020 – 06/12/2020: Horizontal drilling of roads
(Zemmoura, friend moussa, Hmadna).


2016-2018: Master (BAC+5)
Master in Civil Engineering, option Structure.
Ahmed Zabana Relizane University Center
2013-2016: License (BAC+3)
Bachelor of Science and Technology Civil Engineering Specialty.
Ahmed Zabana Relizane University Center
2010-2013: Technical Baccalaureate
Specialization in experimental sciences.
Colonel Othmane High School

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