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Idir Hamou

Idir Hamou

DAQ/TDA Engineer
Bejaïa, بجاية


حول Idir Hamou:

Surface Well Testing Data Acquisition Engineer - willing to travel and relocate, with
a broad and comprehensive experience of working in various fields and with
different clients. Proven expertise in implementing and managing data acquisition
systems for well testing operations. Adept at utilizing advanced technologies to
collect and analyze critical data from oil and gas wells. Demonstrated success in
optimizing well testing processes to enhance efficiency and accuracy. Proficient in
troubleshooting and maintaining data acquisition equipment, ensuring seamless
operations in challenging environments. Committed to upholding the highest
safety standards and collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve project
objectives. Seeking to bring my technical acumen and problem-solving skills to
contribute to the success of your company in delivering cutting-edge well testing


Well testing DAQ Engineer


Master Degree in petroleum engineering

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