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Ingénieur Memou


حول Ingénieur Memou:

I hereby submit my candidacy for the post of

Contract project.

 I have more than 20 years of experience in the field of hydraulics and I had the opportunity

 to carry out several hydraulic projects;  I have a master's degree in hydraulic projects (monitoring,

 study, cost, deadlines and schedule) hence two years as project director in a

 international group of companies.

 Thus, during my professional career;  in the areas of work

 hydraulics and environment, I obtained a good knowledge of the studies

 hydraulics, hydromechanical equipment (valves, check valves, water hammer arrester, etc.)

 electromechanical (pumps, variable speed drive, etc.), concrete, construction work

 earthworks, building materials, hydrostatic testing of structures

 hydraulics and this from the ODS of the works to the provisional acceptance and


 Currently, my objective is to find a job position in the field of

 infrastructure and hydraulic works, via your design and monitoring office.

 Thank you in advance for your attention to my application and my

 curriculum vitae, and please accept my sincere greetings


07/ 2018 to date           KOU.G.C SARL    
Employed as project manager water transfer dam Boussiaba ‐ dam Haroun:
 Provides project management.
 Group representation before the client.
 Follow‐up of assembly work of electrical and mechanical equipment
 Lifting reserves of laying work along the route.
 Contractual follow‐up, progress control in relation to the planning and
billing follow‐up of subcontractors.
 Negotiation of amendments and preparation in the context of the
 Development of conflicting attachments and signing of work situations
and price revision.
 Preparation of weekly and monthly reports with cost calculation.
 Preparation of the provisional project acceptance.
 Contractual correspondence with the customer and stakeholders


08/2017 to 07/2018          KOU.G.C SARL    
Employed as Project Coordinator at KOU.G.C General Management:
 Responsible for monitoring the design offices involved in the Hydraulics
and Building projects.
 Contractual follow‐up, progress control compared to the planning and
billing follow‐up of the BET.
 Preparation of technical briefs for water transfer projects and pipeline
 Participation in meetings with the various offices of studies and follow‐up.
 Preparation of bid files for national and international bidding.
 Critique of specifications, development of metrics and details of packages.
 Establishment of technical briefs, HSE plans, quality manual for hydraulic
projects and public works.
 Preparation of tender files for hydraulic projects (WWTP, water transfer,
pumping stations ...) with the masters of works (ANBT, ONA, ONID, ADE


03/2010 to 31/07/2017           KOU.G.C  SARL    
Transfer of water between the dam Boussiaba 120 million m3 and dam Blessed
Haroun1 000 million m3
o amount of contract is 100 million euro
o Steel Pipe Ø 1400, Ø 1600 and Ø2000 in length of 30Km and
12.5MVA, looks of visit, traps and dumps , including
equipment, two surge tanks capacity of 100 m3 each.
o Pumping station including electrical substation 60/ 10KV.
o Client: ANBT "National Agency Of Dams and Transfers"
 Project management technical, planning and contractual monitoring.
 Development of attachments, situations and provisional statements.
Valuation and preparation time and cost endorsements.
 Monitoring and enforcement profile study long and rating calculation,
preparation of monthly reports (internal and client).
 Negotiation and preparation of sub‐contracts, agreements and purchase
orders for delivery.
 Contractual and technical monitoring of subcontractors.
 Technical follow in carrying out the work as planned executions.
 Participation in monthly meetings with the project owner, design
department, administration and stakeholders).
 Establish work schedule, cost control and tracking billing / charge.
 Monitoring progress of civil works, laying pipe and hydro mechanical
equipment, electrical and electromechanical 12.5MVA of the pumping

 07/2004 to          03/2010 KOU.G.C SARL    
Employed as responsible for contracts and tenders KOU.G.C :
 Price Study party equipment (pipes, pumps, electromechanical, internal
piping of the station, special parts, fittings, anti‐  ram and remote
transmission system).
 Benefits procurement (purchasing different materials need to site )
Water Division (electromechanical equipment, mechanical , electrical
and civil engineering materials ) .
 Establish technical briefs for the scenario of realization of installation
sites, in pipe‐laying works, works in lines and pumping stations.
 Plan the project with PERT and Gantt using MS Project software and
 Preparation of offers, contracts, negotiation and all the procedures
until the contract is signed).
 Establishment of attachments, work situations, endorsements and
 Technical and economic study and comparison table for supplier


09/2002 a 07/2004 SETAB a Alger
Recruited from the Society for Research BOUTEMINE ABDESSALEM ( S.E.T.A.B )
 Responsible for key studies in urban hydraulics.
 Monitoring of engineering achievements in urban hydraulic (AEP
networks Sanitation.
 Monitoring of work achievements Roads, art works bridges.
 Head of Research, followed by building and reinforcement of buildings
affected by the earthquake of May 21, 2003 (Street Hassiba Ben Boulaid ) .
 Establishment of quantity surveying to construction sites.
 Expertise Research analyst meadows buildings of the courts





December 2021

ISO 9001 ‐2015 Quality management system
Training with certification and study of quality management system cases for

December 2014 May 2016

Project Manager
Training PMP “project manager professional’s CEPAM – OPTEAM:
- Management of the project, its context and technical.
- Preliminary studies and before detailed project.
- Accounting and Finance.
- Financial Evaluation.
- Manage time and resources a Project.
- Integration Management Project.
- Management of project content.
- Project Time Management.
- Management of project costs.
- Quality management project.
- Management Project Human Resources.
- Project Communications Management.
- Management of project risks.
- Management Project Procurement.

June 2014

Project Manager
Training  OPTEAM
- Discover the requirements and components of the project manager's
- Implement the basic techniques of Project Management as
management tools
- To establish its leadership in the project, to adapt its management style
- To experience the creation and management of a project team
- Implement the communication process among stakeholders on the
- Mastering negotiation and conflict management
- Ability to organize work
- Effectively Conduct project meetings , journals. 

September 2008 ‐ October

indices and price revision formula for construction work contracts Institution:
CNAT "National Support Center " in Hussein Dey ‐ Algiers
- Type: Engineering School
- Training "the study and revision of prices in national markets.

January 2005 ‐ January 2005
conduct of the project primavera
- Institution: ISGP
- Type: Training
• Training on "conduct of the project primavera in ISGP training center Algerian‐ 
- On planning, cost tracking and cost control of the projects importance. 

September 2002  
- ‐ State  water engineer «National School Of The hydraulic " ENSH  


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