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Mohamed Cherif KADRI

Mohamed Cherif KADRI

Port Shipping Agency operations headman
Algiers, الجزائر


حول Mohamed Cherif KADRI:


  • 27 years experience as ship agent.
  • 22 years Agency manager of  Seacom shipping co. Annaba port, Algeria.
  • Able to handle general cargo, container, car carrier, tanker, break bulk, cruise, naval, scientific & cable vessels.
  • Good handling of documentation with all concerned due to good relationship with authorities (customs, port harbor offices, immigration, coast guards...).
  • Good handling of procedures with banks ie,(L-C, swift/funds transfer and its progress), and with cargo receivers or shippers, port stevedores.    
  • Good handling of disputes between ship ie, owners and 

charterers, and receivers or shippers.

  • Able to establish all relevant documentation related to the shipped cargo discharged and/or loaded and those related to the ship voyage chartering as (bills of lading, S.O.F, time sheet, PDA,

lay time calculation…) and manage for a good dispatch of ships at port and quick turnaround of vessels & cargo, ensuring operational efficiency.

  • Able to manage cargo in port open area or in warehouses and 

able to shift same in the due time (through a chronological chain steps

from ship and/or warehouse to final receivers’ destination depending on the incoterm / liner terms contracted in the L/C & C/P.(Logistics)

  • Report the monthly physical & financial data to the general manager.


  • Education: Bachelor degree in Arts (English language) obtained from Annaba, Algeria University.   


  • I speak, read, and write English and French fluently. Arabic native


  • Valid int’l Driving License (25 years driving). 


  • Strong Interpersonal skills in English business communication due to language education and to my long experience in International shipping relations, logistics, supply chain, import & export documentations.


  • Well known of International shipping business (ship owners, ship charterers, cargo charterers, brokers…).


  • I like perfection, highly motivated, very responsible, punctual, and honest person. 


  • Available upon your first request.


  • I have 54 years old, married with 2 children. My wife is a middle school supervisor of English language. My son, 23 years old, a computer science student at university (Master 1). My daughter,

          14 years old, a pupil in middle school.


Candidate’s words

After a long experience of 25 years during which I encountered many disputes between ships and receivers, shippers, customs, stevedores, port harbor and other port, bank, civil authorities related to maritime; I can say that I have the necessary assimilation of the know how to deal with the different concerned parties. This gives results of high appreciation and full satisfaction of the clients (ships’ owners/charterers, and other concerned) on the operational and financial levels. Ie, clients are to be fully satisfied for the quick dispatch of their ships/products with competitive invoicements, The above leads you to keep a constant connectivity with ship owners operators & charterers, also sellers and buyers.

Furthermore, my target as agency manager is not only to satisfy the clients but to keep them always fully satisfied which will give a good opportunity to look for more ambitions for the continuous evolution & progress of the company you work for and yourself.   

The know how to deal with people on personal and social levels in addition to your own competencies, aptitude, and willing to achieve a commercial goal constitute the key elements to convince your client to try your good product, ie, your good service which offers you a continuous evolution to up rank the market. 


Some words about my hobbies, I’m athletic, I like sport and I practice whenever I have free time. I play football; I like swimming. 


Boarding Agent at MTA Shipping Co. Annaba-Algeria from 15-01-1995 up to 31-08-1997*

  •  Shipping Operations Head at SHICO Shipping & Trading Co. Annaba-Algeria from 01-09-1997 to 31-07-2000
  • Agency Operations Headman at SEACOM Shipping Co. Annaba-Algeria from 01-08-2000 up to present


Bachelor of Arts (English language)

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