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Rafik guenez


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Sir, I am pleased and honored to announce to you my desire to be a [plumber] and to join the plumbing team and these are some of my skills:
 Installing pipes in toilets and basins.  According to the needs of the building, and the use of connections as needed to install cooling and heating systems and water heaters to cooperate and work with contractors and workers
 Gas facilities of all types and accessories test building systems for plumbing leaks and other health problems Choose balance of materials and location according to safety and security rules to continue examining plumbing systems Report problems to locate and replace previous parts
 I believe that my experience and qualifications fit well with the requirements of this position, and I am convinced that I will exceed my performance and meet your expectations.  I am very passionate about this work and please accept my request and take it into consideration

 thank you sir


I am interested to work in this field

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