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Youcef Chergui

Youcef Chergui

The Shadow Operator

الخدمات المعروضة: إدارة قاعدة البيانات , خدمات الاستشارات المالية , المساعدون الإداريون , المشرف - خدمات إدخال البيانات والنسخ , الأعمال الإدارية والسكرتارية , الموارد البشرية (HR)

Sig, ولاية معسكر
€9 / ساعة
معدل تقريبي


حول Youcef Chergui:

My name is Youcef Chergui, I am 33 years old and i live in Algeria. Currently working as a Technical Officer of Production.
I would describe myself as having a strong work ethic, as assertive and creative and in possession of a large vocabulary and good language skills. I enjoy working independently but also work well together with others. In addition I am highly proficient in English, in speech and in writing,and i am medium level in  writing and speaking French.


 Manage the local and foreign workforce of the construction site. The project Construction of
installations and operating equipment for the East-West Motorway (West lot) (the toll stations).
 Responsible forrecruitment, CNAS, CACOBATPH declarations, clocking, payroll and occupational
 Career management.
 Provide social services and ensure the annual declarations of salaries and employees
 Representative of the company with labor inspections, agencies of the national social
insurance fund for salaried workers (CNAS), agencies of the national fund for paid leave
and bad weather unemployment in the building, public works and hydraulics
(CACOBATPH), police stations, the national gendarmerie, Directorate of regulations and
general affairs (DRAG), directorate of employment and foreign labor
 Drafting contracts and inform candidates and monitor fixed-term contracts form.
 Support and coordination in the management of international companies (Dowork
Construãço, COC, Diegues soc, vila plano).
 Make purchases according to the qualitative and quantitative objectives set by
Management according to brand standards.
 Follow the orders until delivery, inform the supports and make reports to the
 Management of equipment (Cars, Machinery, and dumping Materials).
 Control and follow-up of subcontractors (Purchase order - Invoices and Attachments)


 High School degree.
 Bachelor of Literature and English Language.

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