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Mohammed Amin Adoul

Mohammed Amin Adoul

Signal processing

الخدمات المعروضة: الهندسة الإلكترونية , هندسة الإلكترونيات

Mostaganem, ولاية مستغانم
€20 / ساعة
معدل تقريبي


حول Mohammed Amin Adoul:

I recently completed my doctoral studies in Electronics (with the highest honor) at the University of Mostaganem,
Algeria. Throughout my research, I focused on enhancing time-frequency analysis using image processing techniques,
specifically for feature extraction and signal classification. Before my doctoral studies, I obtained a Master’s Degree
in Telecommunications and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering, which equipped me with a wide range
of advanced skills.


My expertise encompasses electronics engineering, telecommunications, time-frequency analysis, and signal pro-
cessing. During my studies, I gained proficiency in various programming languages such as Python, MATLAB,
C++, and FPGA.


Ph.D. in Electronics of Telecommunication Systems

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